The word Basmati inceptions from antiquated Sanskrit and deciphers actually as “The Fragrant One”. The words “Bas” signifies fragrance, while “Mati” can be interpreted as a sovereign or a princess. Like Bordeaux wines, Parmigiano cheddar, Champagne, and Shiraz Carpets, Basmati is a topographical marker, become uniquely in the Punjab area covering Pakistan and India.

Why We Choose Basmati?

The Basmati assortment of rice is known as the “Ruler of Rice” with an undisputed matchless quality over the world. Basmati becomes just in the lower regions of the Himalayas, in the district of Punjab. The rice has a novel fragrance, additional length, thin grain, high healthy benefit, low fat substance, and fleecy surface and protracts a few times after being cooked. Basmati is matured for six to a year, upgrading its popular fragrance and taste, limiting rice tenacity and is then appreciated by nourishment specialists around the world.

How we refine:

In the wake of getting the best basmati crop, Anaj Basmati Rice at that point experiences a fastidious computerized pre-cleaning procedure to guarantee that each grain is liberated from dust particles, stones, and weevils. Handled at one of the world’s most current rice preparing plants, each grain of Anaj Basmati Rice is picked cautiously and must be in any event 8.3mm long with its tips flawless. The rice is then matured for a time of nine to eighteen months at our distribution centers, known for their stringent quality guidelines.

Anaj Basmati Rice is a reason to commend the ˜savory of life regularly with a fragrance that goes past the outskirts of societies and countries, improving the cooking styles in each kitchen, eatery, and event.

Interesting facts of Rice:

Rice is a yearly grain that is reaped once every year. The development of rice is appropriate for nations with low work expenses and high precipitation as it is exceptionally work concentrated and requires a lot of water for development. Little rice seedlings are hand planted into rice paddies that are then loaded up with water. The seeds draw supplements from the paddies water, which is additionally similar water.

There are in excess of 40,000 unique assortments of rice. Of the 40,000 assortments, more than 100 are become around the world, however just around 10 percent are showcased and sold.

In excess of 40,000 unique assortments of rice is available on the planet.

Cultivating of Rice is followed back to around 5,000 BC.

The development of rice happens in excess of 100 nations and each landmass aside from Antarctica.

Almost 50% of the world eats rice as their staple nourishment.

65 kilos of rice are processed yearly for each individual on earth.

Practically 96% of the world’s rice is devoured in the zone wherein it is developed.

How Rice can transform your health:

Rice when cooked swells to give in any event multiple times its unique weight

Rice is extremely wealthy in starches; roughly a rice portion contains 85% of sugars.

Rice is sans cholesterol and is low in fats.

Rice contains less than 5mg sodium per 100gm serve and is most appropriate for individuals who need to watch their salt admission.

Why Basmati:

It gets digested quickly and is a perfect source of providing energy for muscles and other body systems.

Basmati Rice is low in fats and rich in carbohydrate

Basmati Rice also contains essential amino acids that help building muscles and enhances their development. Basmati rice is amongst those few cereals that can proudly claim to be virtually free from gluten.

Pure Basmati has low to medium GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates which helps in reduction of chances of developing diabetes in people.

Basmati Rice rarely causes digestive difficulties and unpleasant reactions.