Sufi Packages (Anaj) propelled Basmati Rice with a passion to make it the leading rice brand, liked and devoured by all individuals all inclusive. Reliable quality and fulfillment is ensured on each buy as this guarantee is key to our business values. Today Basmati Rice is favored by nourishment specialists all around the globe. 

About Us

Sufi Ghulam Qadir & Sons Food Packages is the fast growing agribusiness company in Pakistan with over 70 years of experience in the rice industry. Our effort is to develop the strong relations with the customer by sharing the unique aroma of Basmati rice in food.

Our business has consistently been driven by a feeling of direction, a string that associates us to our customers to improve their wellbeing, cleanliness and livelihoods in their lives.

We keep on accepting that business should make a positive commitment to tending to the difficulties the world countenances and that this is the solitary way a business will succeed. We have long journey to the present status. Just have a look.